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Since COVID, there has been an increase in refund scams, technical support scams, romance scams, etc., aim to deceive individuals and steal their personal information, money, or both. During times of crisis and uncertainty, scammers often take advantage of people's fears and vulnerabilities. In fact, COVID-has had a profound impact on the mental health of Americans and has led to an increase in online scams. Scammers exploited the situation by creating scams related to COVID-19, such as fake testing kits, fraudulent treatments, phishing emails, and charity scams.

To address the mental health crisis, it is essential to prioritize awareness, access, and resources. Firstly, increasing public education about mental health and encouraging open conversations can reduce stigma and promote understanding. Supporting individuals in building resilience and coping skills is important and can be achieved through online resources, self-help tools, and peer support groups. Encouraging exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation techniques can also contribute to better mental well-being.

Placing the responsibility of mental health concerns on parents, federal, local, or state governments, or any single entity is not a viable solution. Rather, collaboration, support and an emphasis on protections that include legislation to protect children, seniors, and other vulnerable parties is essential. Empowering and educating local law enforcement, and taking education to schools, and providing community events to help people identify not only when they are in a vulnerable state, but also how they protect themselves from coercion, manipulation, and scammers. We need to work together and collaborate with the communities that are setting the foundations we need to ensure that technology is utilized to strengthen our culture and not as a weapon to hurt others.

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